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My OTP devices


My OTP devices is a part of a Soffid Self-service portal that allows end-users to access their OTP devices configured.

That option display to each user, all their OTP devices and allows to manage those and add new OTP devices.

This option will only be available if the OTP addon is installed in the Soffid console. Visit the Two factor authentication book for more information

Screen overview

Standard attributes

  • Name: authomatic name assigned to the OTP devic
  • Created: created date and time.
  • Last use: last used date and time.
  • Status
    • Created
    • Enabled
    • Locked
    • Disabled



Allows you to add a new OTP device. To add a new OTP devices you need clic the add button (+), then Soffid will display a new wizard to config the OTP devices. First of all you need select the OTP device Type, the type si selected, you need to fill in the required fields, those depends on the Type selected. If you select a Event-based or Time-based HMAC Token, you will need to scan the QR code and write the PIN. Finally you must Apply changes.


Allows you to delete one or more OTP devices. To delete OTP devices first select the devices, then click on the subtract button (-), then Soffid will ask you to confirm or cancel the operation.