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User backup configure & restore


On the User backup configure & restore page, you could search, check and restore the user's snapshots.

Main Menu > Administration > Configuration > Global Settings > User backup configure & restore

Screen overview


Custom attributes

  • User Name: to identify the user.
  • Valid since: date and time when the user changes were saved.
  • Valid until
  • Download: XML file with the user snapshot info.


Backup query actions


Allows you to query users through different search systems, Basic and Advanced.

Download CSV file

Allows you to download a CSV file with the basic information of all backups. 

Configure backup

Allows you to configure the backup parameters.

For more information visit the User backup configure page.


Allows you to download an XML file with the user. You only need to click on the download icon of one of the records and save the file on your computer.


Allows you to restore one or more users' snapshots.

First of all, you need select one or more snapshots. Second, you need to click the restore button. Then Soffid will run the restore process.