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The Soffid 3 reference guide wants to present all the functionality contained in version 3 of the Soffid Console, explaining the functionality of all the screens and the functionality of each of them.

The documentation is organized as the options menu of Soffid Console, to try to facilitate access and comprehension of the information.

For each screen we try to define the following attributes:

  • Description: a brief description of the screen functionality.
  • Screen overview: an overview of the functionality.
  • Related objects: list of the related objects and a link to view the object documentation.
  • Custom attributes: attributes of the screen and the associated functionality.
  • Actions: operations that the users could perform on the page.


Self-service portal

Soffid Console provides the Self-Service Portal, where the end-users can consult or change their credentials, request new permissions or access to applications, manage their profile, or launch applications. All from a single point of entry. 

Another purpose of the Self-Service Portal is to reduce the workload of the IT department, as well as improve the overall security of the IT system. 

My tasks
My applications
My request
Process search
My accounts
My OTP devices
My certificates and FIDO tokens

Global settings

Global settings refer to configuration options or preferences that apply to the entire system. These settings are typically established by administrators or developers and are used to define the behavior and functionality of the system.

Look &Feel
Soffid parameters
User Type
Group Type
Configuration wizard
Export settings & objects
Import settings & objects

Security settings

Password policies
Configure PAM sessions
PAM Rules
PAM Policies

Resources management

Informations Systems
Role assignment rules
Segregation of Duties
Mail Domains
Mail List
Application access tree
Password vault
Custom objects
Network discovery

Integration engine

Smart engine settings
Synchronization servers
Account naming rules
Attribute translation tables
Soffid Objects
Sample scripts
Utility classes

Monitoring and reporting

Sync server monitoring
Scheduled task
Scheduled jobs
Access logs
Console log

Privileged accounts dashboard
Search in PAM recordings