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My tasks


Displays the task in which the user is involved like a supervisor, manager, o person how has to approve or deny that tasks.

My task provides information about the process, the task, the start and due date and the asigned user. By clicking a record, it will be shown de task details and to perform actions will be allowed.

Manual tasks are assigned to named users, groups or roles.  Whatever strategy is followed, each one of the assigned users will see that task at their tasks page. 

You can differentiate tasks by their highlighted style:

  • Normal: started task
  • Highlighted Blue: due task
  • Highlighted Bold: new task

The purpose of My tasks as a part of Self Service Portal is to reduce the workload of IT department, as well as improve overall security of IT system. Soffid console is concerned about task delegation and workflow management. 

Screen overview

Custom attributes

My Task List

  • Process ID: unique process identifier in the system.
  • Process: generic process name.
  • Task: generic task name.
  • Start Date: date and time when the process was started.
  • Due Date: date and time when the process will finish.
  • Assigned: user to whom the task is assigned

    Task detail


    Shows information about the job done in this task. This information depends on the process launched.

    Action Logs

    The action logs tab shows basic information about the process and a list with the summary of all the successive phases through which the task has passed.

    • Start date: date and time the task starts
    • Last task date: date of last task update.
    • End date: date and time the process ends.
    • Status: shows the point of the task (pending, on going or End/Completed)
    • Approve pending permissions: Summary of all the successive phases through which the task has passed, providing information on the start date and time of the phase, the user assigned, and the action that was done.


    Displays the documents attached to the task, in some cases, files are attached to the tasks.

    Allows you to download those documents and to verify any digital signature attached to them. Some tasks even allow the user to upload documents.


    Displays the comments list added during the business process execution. Displays the comments list added during the task execution providing information about the user who wrote the comment, the date and time of that writing, and the comment that was writed.


    My task query actions


    This action reload the task list with the current data.

    Download CSV File

    This action allows you to  download a csv file with the list of all tasks. You can open the hamburger icon and Download CSV File.

    Open task

    By clicking on a record, the task detail will be shown.

    My task detail actions


    Allows you to closes the task window,  you can add new comments and those will be saved.

    Take ownership

    Enables the user to self-assign the task to authorize or deny it.


    Allows you to schedule the task execution.


    Allows you to to reassign the task to another user, who will must approve or deny it.


    Allows you to authorize the task. When you authorize a task all defined operations for this task will be performed.


    Allows you to deny the task. When you deny a task none defined operations for this task will be performed.