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Mail List


The mail lists identify addresses that are going to be delivered to one or more users, just as distribution mail lists do.

Standard attributes
  • Name: identifier name of the mail list.
  • Mail domain: an existing domain in the system. It is a predictive field that facilitates the search.
  • Description: a brief description of the mail list.
  • Nested lists: nested mail lists.
  • External address: other mail addresses not managed by Soffid that will be on the mail list.
  • Roles: the users who have been assigned those roles, will be on the mail list.
  • Groups: the users who belong to that groups, will be on the mail list.
  • Users: users who will be on the mail list.
  • Computed target users: breakdown list of users that are on the mailing list.


Mail List query


Allows you to query mail list through different search systems, Quick, Basic and Advanced.

Add or remove columns

Allows you to show and hide columns in the table.

Add new

Allows you to create a new mail list. You can choose that option on the hamburger menu or clicking the add button (+).

To add a new mail list it will be mandatory to fill in the required fields


Allows you to remove one or more mail domains by selecting one or more records and next clicking the button with the subtraction symbol (-).

To perform that action, Soffid will ask you for confirmation, you could confirm or cancel the operation.


Allows you to upload a CSV file with the "mail list" list to add or update mail lists to Soffid.

First, you need to pick up a CSV file, that CSV has to contain a specific configuration. Then you need to check the content to be loaded, it is allowed to choose if you want or not to load a specific attribute. And finally, you need to select the mappings for each column of the CSV file to import the data correctly and to click the Import button.

Download CSV file

Allows you to download a csv file with the mail domains information.

Mail List detail

Apply changes

Allows you to save the data of a new mail list or to update the data of a specific mail list. To save the data it will be mandatory to fill in the required fields.


Allows you to delete the mail list.

To delete a mail list can click on the hamburger icon and then click the delete button (trash icon).

Soffid will ask you for confirmation to perform that action, you could confirm or cancel the operation.


Allows you to quit without applying any changes.