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My applications


My application is a part of a Soffid Self-service portal that allows end-users to start corporate applications and third party applications. Also,  the end-user can view and use the shared accounts available for the user defined on the Password vault.


That option shows to each user, all the Corporate and Third party Applications to which the user can connect and the applications with public access. These applications have to be configured on the Application Access Tree option by an administrator user.

For more information you can visit the Application access tree page.

Password Vault

My Applications option shows the PasswordVault folder. On the vault folder you can find two kind of folders, one a personal folder and other a shared folder

Inside the personal folder, you can create your own accounts, those accounts will not be shared with any other user. The shared folders could be used or managed by the owner/manager/SSO users.

For more information you can visit the Password vault page.