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Utility classes


Crypt allows to encrypt text with different algorithms and verify the resulting hash.

To use this class: com.soffid.iam.crypt.Crypt

All methods are static:

hash(String algorithm, String text) -> String
pBKDF2Sha256(String text, String utf8Salt, int iterations) -> String
pBKDF2Sha256(String text, byte []salt, int iterations) -> String
pBKDF2Sha1(String text, String utf8Salt, int iterations) -> String
pBKDF2Sha1(String text, byte []salt, int iterations) -> String
genSaltBytes() -> byte[] // 8 bytes
genSaltBytes(int size) -> byte[]
genSalt() -> String // 8 bytes
genSalt(int size) -> String
verify(String algorithm, String text, String hash) -> boolean

The algorithms allowed are:

  • bcrypt
  • pBKDF2Sha256
  • pBKDF2Sha1 (or pBKDF2)
  • Base64 (used by default is the algorithm is not in the previous list)

One example:

String myText = "abcd";
String myAlgorithm = "bcrypt";
String myHash = com.soffid.iam.crypt.Crypt.hash(myAlgorithm, myText);
boolean isVerified = com.soffid.iam.crypt.Crypt.verify(myAlgorithm, myText, myHash);
if (isVerified) {
    return myHash;
} else {
    return null;


CalendarConverter allows to covert Calendar into String.

To use this class: com.soffid.iam.json.CalendarConverter

The methods (non static):

toString(Calendar instance) -> String
fromString(final String text) -> Calendar

One example:

out.println(new com.soffid.iam.json.CalendarConverter().toString(date));