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Introduction to Self Service Portal

What is Self-Service Portal?

Soffid Console provides the Self-Service Portal, where the end-users can consult or change their credentials, request new permissions or access to applications, manage their profile, or launch applications. All from a single point of entry. 

Another purpose of the Self-Service Portal is to reduce the workload of the IT department, as well as improve the overall security of the IT system. 

Soffid allows administrator users to configure access to the different options depending on the end-users roles defined to use Soffid. In this way, end-users will be able to access the Self-Service Portal to manage their own requirements always depending on the defined business processes.

Screen overview


Brief description of each option

My tasks

My tasks display all the tasks in which the user is involved, like a supervisor, manager, o person how has to approve or deny that task. 

For more information, visit My Task page

My issues

My issues display all the issues that the user will be able to check, and the option allows the user to manage this issues.

For more information, visit My Issues page

My request

My requests display all the processes or workflows that the user will be able to run, and the option allows the user to consult the status of the requests.

The Query request status displays all the processes that the user has initiated and allows the user to consult all the information about the workflow.

For more information,  visit My Request page

That functionality allows to users search for processes initiated or requested by themselves. Here the users will be able to consult all the information related to the processes and their status and if there are any pending tasks to be completed. If there are pending tasks, the user will be able to browse the task and manage it.

Administrator users will be able to consult all the information about all the processes which have been executed by any user.

For more information, visit the Process search page

My Applications

My applications display all the corporate applications and third-party applications as well to which the user has permission to connect. Those applications have to be configured into Soffid Console

The password vault folder will be displayed as well. In this folder, the users will be able to find the shared accounts on the Soffid vault folder and will be able to save their personal accounts.

For more information, visit My Applications page

My Accounts

My Accounts display all the personal user accounts registered into Soffid Console and with which the user will log into the target system.

Visit My Accounts page

My authentication

My OTP devices

My OTP devices display all the OTP devices configured by the user and allow to the user config new ones.

For more information, visit My OTP devices page

My certificates and FIDO tokens

My certificates and FIDO token display all the configured certificates and allow to the user config new ones.

For more information, visit  My certificates and FIDO tokens page

My Profile

My Profile allows to end-users config their own profile, update the user info and preferences, change the password, and recovery questions.

For more information, visit My Profile page