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Search in PAM recordings


Soffid provides the functionality that allows searching for information about the PAM recording sessions.

That option is located on Main Menu > Administration > Monitoring and reporting > Search in PAM recordings

First of all, to query the PAM recording, you could apply some filters to refine your search. Then, when you click the Search button, Soffid will show you all the recording sessions that comply with the criteria specified.

If you click on one record, Soffid will show you a new page with all the data about the session and the recorded video. If you query with a typed keys filter, a bookmark with the minute and second will show, and it will allow you to go directly to that point and view the action.

Screen overview

Standard attributes

  • Jum server group: used to connect to the system.
  • URL:┬áservice URL
  • Typed keys: allows you to search in PAM recording
    • Typed keys by the user on the system.
      • Other information:
        • violation of rule
        • Ctrl
        • "[ctrl]+l"
        • "[ctrl]+d"
        • ...
    • Screenshot contents by screen content
  • User name: user who created the session.
  • Start date


Download CSV file

Allows you to download a CSV file with the PAM recording information.


Allows you to query the PAM recording by applying some filters.

View recording

Allows you to view the recording. You need to click on the record of the PAM recording that you want to view, then Soffid will show you a new page with all the information about the session and the recording video.