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A profile is a protocol or subset of protocols implemented by the Identity Provider. There are some accepted protocols, those allows a custom config dependent on the selected profile.

The accepted protocols are the following:

1. OpenIDProfile

2. SAML1ArtifactResolutionProfile

3. SAML1AttributeQueryProfile

4. SAML2ArtifactResolutionProfile

5. SAML2AttributeQueryProfile

6. SAML2ECPProfile

7. SAML2SSOProfile

8. CAS

9. Radius

Screen overview

When an identity provider is created, by default, all the profiles appear disabled (the profile is displayed strikethrough). It will be necessary to config one by one depending on your company needs. To config a profile you must click on the proper profile, and Soffid will display a new window to config it.


Open profile

If you click on a row of the profile list, Soffid will display a modal window with the data and configuration of the profile selected.