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Intallation guides

⏰ Getting started

Soffid support  Windows or Linux (Ubuntu are the most used) To succesfully install Soffid IAM, p...

System architecture

Soffid Architecture Soffid 3 system is composed of up to five different components: IAM conso...

Database initialization

How to install and initialize database

Installing Soffid on your server

Guide to show the installation process os Soffid IAM on your server

Installing Soffid using Docker

Guide to show the installation process os Soffid IAM using Docker

Installing Soffid using Docker Compose

Installing Soffid on Kubernetes

Guide to show le installation process os Soffid IAM in Kubernetes

High Availability

Introduction High availability configuration is supported on each layer of the Soffid stack. Da...

Customice logging

Introduction Sync server logging can be customized by adding file in the conf...

Local configuration properties

Introduction file gives administrators a way to customize and improve synchron...

Upgrade Soffid3

Upgrade from version 2 These are the steps to upgrade your Soffid 2 deployment to Soffid 3: S...