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Installing IAM Console

Guide to install IAM Console using Docker. 

There is a public docker image at docker hub:


Video Tutorial


To configure IAM console, the following environment variables can be set:

Variable Description Example



DB_USER Database user Soffid
DB_PASSWORD Database password 5uper5ecret
JAVA_OPT Java virtual machine options -Xmx4096m
SECURE (optional) Enables the Java Security Manager true

Additional parameters to configure the database connections. Allows you to establish the min and the max of database connections: 

Variable Description Example
DBPOOL_MIN_IDLE The minimum number of connections should be kept in the pool at all times. 1 or 2
DBPOOL_MAX_IDLE The maximum number of connections should be kept in the pool at all times. between 10 and 15
DBPOOL_INITIAL The connections number will be established when the connection pool is started. 3 or 4

The maximum number of active connections that can be allocated. If no value is indicated, the default value is 30.

The transaction fails if the maximum connections are reached within 30 seconds and no connection is released.


The following volumes are defined by default:

Volume Usage
/opt/soffid/iam-console-3/logs Console log files
/opt/soffid/iam-console-3/docs Text search engine index files. It can be erased at any time. The engine will regenerate the search engine 
/opt/soffid/iam-console-3/conf Configuration files, including server.xml and tomee.xml files

Here you have a sample command to start a docker container running IAM console, in this case the docker will be in a docker network, previously created. MariaDB docker is at the same network.

docker run -d \
   -e DB_URL=jdbc:mariadb://mariadb-service/soffid \
   -e DB_USER=soffid \
   -e DB_PASSWORD=soffid \
   --name=iam-console \
   --publish=8080:8080 \
   --network=soffidnet \

To see console log files, execute:

docker logs -f iam-console
By default, the 8080 port will be exposed. When the TLS connection is going to be configured, add the tag --publish=443:443 to publish the TLS port.

Now you can connect IAM Console http://localhost:8080/soffid The first thing you must do is to change the admin user password. When the console is created, the password for user admin will be valid for 24 hours.

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