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The end step finalizes the process. It is the last step of the workflow.

Steps Tabs

Task details

This process type does not have task details for the start step.

Incoming transitions

The Incoming transitions tab displays the previous steps where the flow comes from. When you create a process from a template or from scratch default incoming transitions are defined. It is allowed to customize the default setup, add new transitions, or delete transitions.

  • From: the previous step, where the flow comes. Allows you to select where the workflow comes from.
  • Incoming transition: brief name to identify the transition. That is the name of the action the form will show to the final user.
  • To: current step.
  • Action: allows creating a custom script to perform specific actions.
When you create an incoming transition, Soffid creates the proper outcoming transition.

If the user country is Spain, it will perform an action for each role.

userName = executionContext.getVariable("userName");
user = serviceLocator.getUserService().findUserByUserName(userName);
country = user.getAttributes().get("country");

if (country != null && country.equals("ES")) {
	roleList = serviceLocator.getApplicationService().findRolesByUserName(userName);
	for (role : roleList) {

Outgoing transitions

This step does not have outgoing transitions. It is the last step of the workflow.