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Business process definition


Soffid includes a BMP (Business Process Management) in its Smart Engine to provide useful workflows integrated with the processes and the policies of the Soffid core. 

In order to add extra functionality to the console, you can upload different business processes (a.k.a. Workflows) that can be found in the Soffid download area and enable or disable existing ones. The existing process definition can be updated by uploading a new version.

If a workflow is disabled, processes initiated and pending can be finalized, but no longer that workflow could be started.

Screen overview


Custom attributes

  • Process: name of the process.
  • Version: version of the process.
  • Deployed by: user who performed the last workflow upload.
  • Date: date and time of the last workflow upload.
  • Change status: allows you to change the workflow to enable or disable according to the needs.
  • Deployment results: will show the log information when you upload a workflow.


Show disabled

If you check (option selected is Yes) it will be shown all the workflows, both enable and disable workflows.

Deploy (Add)

Allows you to pick a defined process and upload it for deploying it in Soffid. 

You must click the button with the add icon (+), click "pick a file" and select a valid file. Then Soffid will upload and deploy the process.

This option allows to add new workflows or update existing workflows.

You can upload a process defined with the BPM Editor and previously exported (.pardef) or a process defined by code (.par)


Allows you to enable a workflow. When you enable a workflow, all users with proper permission could launch the process from the Self-service portal


Allows you to disable a workflow, no user could access that process from the Self-service portal.

If there are any processes initiated and pending, those processes may be finalized even if the processes are disabled.