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SAP Connector



SAP Connector could manage an SAP system.

Managed System

This connector is specific for integration with a SAP system through its interface BAPIs under the RFC standard.

For more information about SAP, please visit the following page: SAP

For more information to check if your system may be synchronized with this connector you do not hesitate to contact us through our Contact form


  1. The SAP Java Connector (JCO) must be installed in the host where the syncserver is running.
  2. A SAP account must be created with permission to execute user administration BAPIs using RFC. Additionally, the attached SAP Role definition Y_SOFFID.SAP can be used to assign permissions to SOFFID RFC user.
  3. The following transport order should be applied in order to synchronize passwords: K953376.de1 R953376.de1

Download and Install

This addon is located in the Connectors section and its name is SAP Connector.

For more information about the installation process you can visit the Addons Getting started page.

Agent Configuration

This connector could manage User, Account and Role objects.

  • All active users included in agent configuration will be added to SAP.
  • All inactive users on Soffid will be deleted from SAP.
  • Roles granted to a user will be added to ACTIVITY GROUPS on SAP.


Generic parameters

After the installation of the addon, you may create and configure agent instances.

This addon has2 available agents:

  • SAP (Complete)
  • SAP (Light)

For more information about how you may configure the generic parameters of the agent, see the following link: Agents configuration

Custom parameters

Below there are the specific parameters for this agent implementation:



User Name

User name to authenticate


Password of the user to authenticate


Host of the instance of the SAP

System Type

- Standar SAP R/3

- Central User Administration (CUA)

Systen Number

System number of the server

Message server name

Message server port

Message server logon group

Message server system id

SAP Router string

Client number 

Client number of the server


Language of the server

Unlock users

Values [ YES | NO ]. If "YES"  allows to Soffid to unblock blocked users

Method to set productive passwords





Manage SAP roles

Values [ YES | NO ]. If "YES" allows to Soffid manage Roles

SAP Payroll to get employee data

SAP payroll to get employee data

Enable debug

Values [ YES | NO ].

Attribute mappings

The attribute mappings are only available for SAP (Complete) configuration.


Nothing to configure. There are no properties


You can customize attribute mappings, you only need to select system objects and the Soffid objects related, manage their attributes, and make either inbound and outbound attribute mappings.

Using SAP connector you can map users.

For more information about how you may configure attribute mapping, see the following link: Soffid Attribute Mapping Reference

Load triggers

You can define BeanShell scripts that will be triggered when data is loaded into Soffid (incoming triggers). The trigger result will be a boolean value, true to continue or false to stop.

Triggers can be used to validate or perform a specific action just before performing an operation or just after performing an operation into Soffid objects.

To view some examples, visit the Incoming triggers examples page.

Account metadata

Agents allow you to create additional data, on the "Account metadata" tab, to customize the accounts created for that agent. This additional information will be loaded with the agent's information, or calculated as defined in the mappings.
The additional data can be used in both mappings and triggers.

The attributes which you define here will be shown when you click on the proper account, on the Accounts Tabs at user page.



After the agent configuration you could check in the monitoring page if the service is running in the Synchronization Server, please go to:

  • Start Menu > Administration > Monitoring and reporting > Syscserver monitoring



If you are checked "Authorized identity source", an automatic task to load identities from the managed system to Soffid is available, please go to:

  • Start Menu > Administration > Monitoring and reporting > Scheduled tasks

And you will something like "Import authoritative data from <AGENT_NAME>".


If you are configured the "Attribute Mapping" tab with some of our objects: "user, account or role,", an automatic task to synchronize these objects from the managed system to Soffid is available, please go to:

  • Start Menu > Administration > Monitoring and reporting > Scheduled tasks

And you will do something like "Reconcile all accounts from <AGENT_NAME>".


Regarding the synchronization of the objects, there are two possible options:

  • If you are checked the generic attribute "Read Only" in the "Basics" tab, only the changes in the managed systems will be updated in Soffid. We recommend these options until the global configuration of Soffid will be tested.
  • If you are not checked the generic attribute "Read Only" in the "Basics" tab, all the changes in Soffid or the managed system will be updated in the other. Note that this synchronization must be configured in the "Attribute mapping" tab correctly.

For more information about how you may configure the generic parameters of the agent, see the following link: Agents configuration