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Soffid provides you a collection of addons which can be installed to add funcionalities to the Soffid Console.

There are several Addons available to be installed to add functionalities to the Soffid Console. These addons can be found at: in the Addons section.



Please download the Soffid add-on.


You could download it at the following link if you have a Soffid user with authorization, or in the following by registering.


1. Once the add-on is downloaded, please log in to IAM Console.

You need to be an administrator user of the Soffid console or a user with permission to upload addons.

2. In the Soffid console, please go to:

Main Menu > Administration > Configure Soffid > Global Settings > Plugins

3.  Then, click the add button (+) and pick the file and Soffild will upload the addon file.

4. Finally, when the addon is installed, it will be required to restart the Soffid Sync server and Soffid console.

5. Once the Soffid console is restarted, you could check the plugin was uploaded properly on the plugins page:

Main Menu > Administration > Configure Soffid > Global Settings > Plugins

6. Now, you can set up the add-on.

For more information, you can visit the Plugins page.

Addons can create their own authorizations that automatically will appear at this screen. When a new addon has been installed and applied, the first thing to do use to be assign permissions for this new addon. In fact, administrators won't be able to manage the addon unless the log out and log in to get the newly created permissions.

Addons list

For more information about the addons, take a look at the various available addons: