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⏰ Getting Started


Soffid allows you to combine two of the most powerful addons you can use into Soffid Console, SCIM, and Federation

Please note that the SCIM REST Web Service Add-on installed must be installed, please check this part in How to use SCIM in Soffid # Installation

Please note that a user with the authentication is required, please check this part in How to use SCIM in Soffid # Confirm authorization

Please note that it is recommended to use a REST client, please see our example in Testing tool # RESTer

Please note that the correct header parameters must be used, please browse them in SCIM in Soffid # HTTP request

Please note that the Federation addon must be installed and configured,  check it in the Federation book.

Identify Service Provider

  • classe: "S"

Service providers Types

Service providers types available 

  • SAML: saml
  • SAML API client: soffid-saml
  • OpenID Connect: openid-connect
  • OpenID Dynamic Register: openid-dynamic-register
  • Radius client: radius
  • CAS client: cas

Open Id Mechanism

  • PA: User's password
  • AC: Authorization code
  • PC: User's password + Client credentials
  • IM: Implicit

Federation  Operations

Soffid provides an API that allows you to connect to the Federation microservices.

The available operations are the following

  • List all 
  • List by filter
  • Query by id
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

You can visit the SCIM Federation Member examples and the SCIM Entity Group examples page  for more detailed information.