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How to install SCIM in Soffid



Please download the Soffid SCIM add-on.

You can download it at the following link  if you have Soffid user with authorization, or in the following by registering.


Once the SCIM add-on is downloaded, please log in to IAM Console.

You need to be an administrator user of the Soffid console or a user with permissions to upload addons.

In the Soffid console, please go to: "Main Menu > Administration > Configure Soffid > Global Settings > Plugins"  and upload the addon file, for more information visit the Addons Getting started page

Finally, when the addon is installed, it will be required to restart the Soffid Console.


Confirm authorization

To access to the SCIM REST web service, a user with correct authorization is required.

First we can check the authorization created by the SCIM add-on:

  • Go to: Main Menu > Administration > Configure Soffid > Security settings > Authorizations
  • Filter by the field "name" with the value "scim"
  • Confirm that exists "scim:invoke"

Confirm access

Once a user is available to access SCIM functionality, testing is easily done with a browser.

For example, to list groups.

  • Please introduce the next URL: http://<domain>/webservice/scim2/v1/Group (note, you must replace "<domain>" for your Soffid IAM Console domain).
  • Now a browser prompt requests the user and password for the authentication (note, you must use the user with the SCIM authorization).
  • Finally, if the response is something like a compact JSON (Chrome) or a download file (Firefox).


  • One can use a REST client extension in the browser, for example, RESTer
  • One can show a JSON formatted with a browser extension, for example, JSONView (note, it's necessary include the CONTENT-TYPE="application/scim+json" in the extension preferences).