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Step 5.4. Assign the password

To be able to use an account, it is necessary to assign a password, this can be the current password or a new password. In the case of assigning a new password, it will be synchronized with the target system.


1. Once Soffid displays the account detail, you can change the password. You need to click on the hamburger icon and then on the "Set password" option.

2. Then, Soffid will show a new form to set the password.

3. You must select one of the available options:

3.1. Generated password: If you select that option, Soffid will generate a random password and will display the password on the form.

3.1. Set password: If you select that option, you must create a password and write it on the text field. That password should comply with the password policies defined on Soffid.

4. Finally, Soffid will send the new password to the target system.