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Step 5.3. Publish on Password vault

When critical accounts are detected, the best way to keep them safe is to place them on the Password vault. The password vault allows you to handle the access control list to these accounts, here you can define who are the owners, the managers, and the SSO users


1. Once Soffid displays the account detail, you can select the "Vault folder" on the "Password vault" section.


2. There are two ways to assign the vault folder:

2.1. Writing on the predictive text field. In that case, Soffid will show the folders name that matches, and you could select the proper folder.

2.1. Click on the folder icon. Then you could search for the proper folder and select

Be in mind that the vault folders have to be created previously on the Password vault page.

3. Finally, you can save the update by clicking on the disk icon (located at the top right), and continue with the next step.