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Policy set


A PolicySet is a container that can hold other Policies or PolicySets, as well as references to policies found in remote locations.

Every PolicySet contains a target and obligations, both can be empty.

The target contains the subjects, resources, actions and environments where the policy set will be applied. A target can contain more than one subject, environment, resource or action or none of them. And contains 

Policy Set can be exported to an XML file by clicking on Export button. The file will contain the Policy Set Target and all the elements included in it, like other PolicySets, Policies or References.

It is possible to create a new version for a PolicySet by clicking on 'Add new version'. That will copy all PolicySet elements on the tree with the following version number.

Screen overview


Standard attributes


Apply changes

Allows you to save the data of a new policy set or to update the data of a specific policy set. To save the data it will be mandatory to fill in the required fields


Allows you to quit without applying any changes.


Allows you to delete a policy set. You can choose that option on the trash icon.

To perform that action, Soffid will ask you for confirmation, you could confirm or cancel the operation.


Allows you to export a XML file that contain the policy set.

Add new version

Allows you to add a new versión of the policy set.

Test policy set

Allows you to test the policy set creating the XML file necessary with the defined policies and rules.