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Condition represents a Boolean expression that refines the applicability of the rule beyond the predicates implied by its target.  Therefore, it may be absent.

Screen overview


Standard attributes

  • Condition name: Name to identify the condition.
  • Expressions: any element of ExpressionType complex type that return true or false.


Add new

Allows you to add a new condition to the conditions list. To add a new condition you need to click the add button, located at the end of the header and fulfill the form and save the data.


Allows you to delete a condition to the variable list. To delete the condition, you need to click the condition you want to delete, and click the button with the subtraction symbol (-) at the end of the record.

To perform that action, Soffid will ask you for confirmation, you could confirm or cancel the operation.


Allows you to save the data of a new condition or to update the data of a specific condition. To save the data it will be mandatory to fill in the required fields


Allows you to quit without applying any changes.