Group resource data model


Dictionary table

The diagram service model of the object:

Soffid allows you to add customized data to the group object. You can do that on metadata option:

  • Main Menu > Administration > Configure Soffid > Global Settings > Metadata

It is allowed to consult all the Group definition using the Schema query:

GET http://<your-domain>/webservice/scim2/v1/Schemas/urn:soffid:com.soffid.iam.api.Group

Full JSON example


GET http://<your-domain>/webservice/scim2/v1/Group/91

Response 200 OK

    "organizational": false,
    "meta": {
        "location": "http://<your-domain>/webservice/scim2/v1/Group/91",
        "links": {
            "members": "http://<your-domain>/webservice/scim2/v1/User?filter=primaryGroup+eq+'admingroup'+or'admingroup'",
            "administrators": "http://<your-domain>/webservice/scim2/v1/RoleAccount?'admingroup'"
        "resourceType": "Group"
    "quota": "0",
    "schemas": [
    "name": "admingroup",
    "obsolete": false,
    "description": "Enterprise Administrators",
    "parentGroup": "enterprise",
    "attributes": {},
    "id": 91

Response Error

For more infomation about response error visit