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SSH Gateway Installation


Soffid allows you to deploy a new docker container with the ssh gateway. The configuration is similar to the sync server configuration, the main difference is the ssh container is listening in ssh.


The SSH Service is only released as a docker service.

1. Install docker ( )

2. Install Soffid PAM (store container and launcher container) 

You can visit the PAM Jump Server Installation page for more information about how to install PAM

3.  Create a Docker network(*), that network allows you to connect containers to the same bridge network to communicate:

sudo docker network create -d bridge NETWORKNAME

*  You can use the same network defined in the Console and Sync Server installation to avoid visibility problems.


The steps required to install SSH container are:

1. Create a user

We need to create a user in the pam store container. To do this, we need to connect to the store container.

sudo docker exec -it soffid-pam-store /bin/bash

Once, we are connected to the container, we need to run a script to create the user. This script has two parameters, the user name, and the role. We have to type launcher in the role parameter

root@soffid-pam-store:/# /opt/soffid/tomee/bin/ proxysshtest launcher
Password: c4ZRcmgemq3nMr1VQJCD1pJRhPbdX5hrmmrP6RX7zBE4HSs3RV3+cGwDdL1WaaqZ

As a result of the script, we receive the password for the created user. This password will be needed later when we create the container.

2. Create volume

We need to create a volume that will be used by the docker container

sudo docker volume create soffid-ssh

3. Create a docker container

Finally, we need to execute the command to create the ssh gateway container

docker run \
--name soffid-ssh \
-e SOFFID_SERVER=https://iam-sync.soffidnet:1760 \
-e SOFFID_USER=admin \
-e SOFFID_PASS=changeit \
-e SOFFID_HOSTNAME=ssh-gateway \
-e STORE_SERVER=http://soffid-pam-store:8080 \
-e STORE_PASSWORD=kDH0vh8MFWWn843Vhzmj0Np7uzMEfbqFYM1ELCQqOf++tF0xfd=Ve2eGq81OXvqy \
-e STORE_USER=proxysshtest \
-v soffid-ssh:/opt/soffid/iam-sync/conf \
--publish 2222:22 \
--network=soffidnet \

Environment Variables

To create the new SSH container you need to set the following environment variables:

Variable Description Example


Sync Server URL


Soffid user to join the security domain



Soffid user password



The hostname used to access the ssh gateway



Store URL



Password received when you created the user in the store container.



Store user