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User access

Esso Options

On a host with ESSO installed an icon with the Soffid Logo will appear on the Windows taskbar.

If the user clicks on the mouse's right button it will be able to do some different actions.


Allows you to open an ESSO session. In order to open an ESSO session, the user must enter user code and password.  In order to reopen it, the user must enter user code and password again (unless Kerberos login succeeds)


Allows you to close an ESSO session. On closing session, any SSO rules will be unloaded, so the user should enter the user and password on applications request.

SSO Paused

If the user disables ESSO, user and password will be required to execute any application, but ESSO session is still open on the server.

SSO Enabled

In order to inject ESSO rules, Soffid ESSO must be enabled.

Update rules

To update ESSO rules for the user account. ESSO will contact Soffid Synchronization server in order to get the Single Sign On rules for this account. Any granted permission or rule change will be applied immediately.

How to know the ESSO version?


Windows Control Panel -->  Add/Remove programs




dpgk -l soffidesso