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⏰ Getting started


Soffid ESSO is a full Enterprise Single Sign on solution, with some distinguishing features:

  1. Keeps track of users sessions active on the network.

  2. Automatically reconfigure user preferences and desktop behaviour according to whether or not it is connected to the corporate network.

  3. And of course, as any other ESSO solution, automatically detects user identification prompts, injecting the needed credentials, pressing buttons and more.

As critical success factors the following design principles are governing Soffid ESSO product:

  1. It's fully integrated with Soffid IAM console.

  2. It's extremely easy to install and configure.

  3. It has good management and support tools.

  4. It's workload on managed workstations is minimal.

  5. It has been designed to minimize system vulnerabilities.

  6. It's open-source.