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ESSO Scripting Language


The scripting language used is a full ECMAScript interpreter. Nevertheless, it's not a Javascript interpreter as it's used on web browsers. It only has the core elements of ECMAScript (Objects, Arrays, String, etc.) and a set of objects and functions specially designed for its purpouse.

When the script is run, the elements matched, either window or HTML components, with a ref-as tag will be declared as global variable. Additionally, in the case of web applications, a global variable named document contains the reference to the full HTML document.

Here are the supported functions and classes:

  1. Global functions
    1. ESSO SendKeys syntax
  2. secretStore object
  3. SystemInfo object
  4. Window class
  5. Document class
  6. Element class
  7. Collection class
  8. File class
  9. Directory class
  10. MailService class
  11. NetworkResource class
  12. Registry class
  13. ServerInfo class
  14. Hll class (version 1.4.0)