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Users OTP devices


Soffid allows you to manage the OTP devices for each user. That option will be availavle on the User window. You need to query the user on the Users window, click the proper user and go to the OTP devices Tab, here you could manage the OTP devices for that user.

Screen overview

Standard attributes

  • Name: authomatic name assigned to the OTP device.
  • Type: selected type
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Last use
  • Created
  • Fails: fails number when the OTP device was created.
  • Status:
    • Created
    • Enabled
    • Locked
    • Disabled



Allows you to add a new OTP devices. To add a new OTP devices you need clic the add button (+), the Soffid will display a new wizard to config the OTP devices. Fist of all you need select the OTP device Type and then Apply changes.


Allows you to delete one or more OTP devices for a specific user. To delete OTP devices first select the devices, then click on the subtract button (-), then Soffid will ask you to confirm or cancel the operation.

Change Status

Allows you to change the OTP device status. First of all you need click the proper OTP device, then change the status and finally close the window.