Reports definitions


Soffid provides a Report add-on that allows you to define new reports based on Soffid data model.

For more infomation about the data model you can visit the data model documentation.

Screen overview



Download iReport component

Allows you to download the ireport-addon.jar. That add-on will be customized and added to the iReport designer to design your owns reports.


Allows you to upload a designed report with iReport tool.

&&TODO&&You could add .jasper files.


Allows you to add and upload a new report by clicking the add button (+). You could upload your designed reports reports with the iReport tool..


Allows you to delete one or more defined reports. To delete reports, first select the reports, then click on the subtract button (-) and finally Soffid will ask you to confirm or cancel the operation.

Update report

By clicling on a report, Soffid will display the report configuration. You could update and customize the report configuration.

You can download the iReport designer from  sourceforge.