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Executed reports


At the Executed reports tab, Soffid displays all the reports previously executed. Soffid displays a list with the report name and the execution date.

In addition, you could download the reports previously executed in XML, HTML, CSV or XLS format.

Soffid allows you to define a parameter to establish the maximun number of days to keep generated reports in Soffid. Todo that, you can add the parameter at the Soffid parameters page and indicate the maximum number of days.

Screen overview



Schedule report execution

Allows you to run or schedule the execution of a report. First, you need to click on the add button (+), then Soffid displays a wizard in which you must select the report you want to execute or to schedule. Once the report is selected, you must click the Next button. Then you can fill in the filter parameters and click the Next button. Then, you need to select if you wan to execute now, or if you want to schedule execution, if you select the second one, you could customize the execution and you could define de access control list. Finally you need to click on the Finish button, and the report will be executed or scheduled depending on you previous selection.


Allows you to delete one or more executed reports. To delete executed reports, first select the reports, then click on the subtract button (-) and finally Soffid will ask you to confirm or cancel the operation.