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Access logs


The access log page allows querying all the information about the opened sessions. 

Note that any session that was active during the specified date will be shown, even when it started before of finished after that date.

Screen overview
Custom attributes
  • Type
  • Protocol: access protocol.
    • SSO
    • SAML
    • PAM
  • Start date: date and time when start the access.
  • End date: date and time when end the access.
  • Session: session identifier.
  • Server
  • Client
  • User: user who perform the access.
  • Information: additional connection information.
    • When the information is about the Authentication method, there are the following options:
      • P: Password
      • K: Kerberos
      • E: Broker
      • O: OTP
      • M: Email
      • S: SMS
      • I: PIN
      • C: Certificate
      • F: Finger print
      • Z: Push


Query Allows you to query accounts through different search systems, Quick and Advanced.
Add or remove columns Allows to show and hide columns in the table.
Download CSV file Allows to download a CSV file with the information of access logs.