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Addon upgrades

Soffid addons should be able to manage data schema changes. Soffid gives addons a standard procedure to perform data and schema upgrades. The data upgrade process is performed in three steps:

1. The addons to upgrade are deployed into the soffid console using the Plugins screen.

2. On console boot, the data schema is updated. To perform the schema update, a Soffid developed schema updater is used. This schema updater will read the core-ddl.xml and any plugin-ddl.xml file to upgrade at once the core Soffid database objects as well as any addon database object. (See Data schema descriptor)

3 The application bootstrap process is executed. At this step, any spring bean implementing ApplicationBootService will be invoked. This been is responsible for completing data upgrade. Addons can also define a bean implementing ApplicationBootService for this purpose.