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Introduction to Soffid LDAP

What is Soffid LDAP?

Soffid LDAP is a complete LDAP Server based on OpenLDAP. It is always distributed as a docker container. The proposed system architecture is as follows:


The SoffidLDAP is not directly usingĀ  Soffid database. Instead, it is using its own database, that can contain a subset or superset of the information stored in Soffid database.

The integrations work as follows:

  • Soffid syncserver pushes to Soffid LDAP any change in Soffid database. It does this task by means of the standard LDAP connector. Thus, you can perform any kind of transformation or filtering during this process.
  • Soffid syncserver can also fetch any change performed in SoffidLDAP by means of the standard LDAP connector
  • Soffid LDAP delegates any password management task to Soffid sync server. This includes validation against trusted third-party authenticators and checking new password policies.
  • Third-party applications can access Soffid LDAP by using LDAP (or LDAPS) protocol.