Bulk actions


Allows massive operations to be performed on the selected records. With that operation, updates can be made to any of the object parameters.

You can access this option through the hamburger icon from a few of the components of the table type, like users list or accounts list.

1. First of all, you need to select the records that you want to update from the list, once you have selected them, you must choose the bulk action on the hamburguer icon.

2. Then Soffid display a modal where you can select one by one the attributes that will be updated.

The fist dropdown list displays the attributes of the object, for instance, the user attributes.

The second dropdown list displays the operation to be performed on the selected attribute. The operation can be change the value or clear the value,  and if it is neccesary the new value.

The type of the third field will depend on the attribute type selected previously.

3. Soffid shows a confirmation message with the number of records that will be updated. Finally, you can choose apply or come back. If you apply the changes, the attributes of the seleccted records will be updated

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