Startup / Shutdown Synchronization servers

On Linux systems

Start Soffid IAM console 

systemctl start soffid-iamsync.service

Stop Soffid IAM console

systemctl stop soffid-iamsync.service


If you need to check the service status

systemctl status soffid-iamsync.service


You can find the console logs at: /opt/soffid/iam-sync/logs

On Windows systems

Start the Soffid IAM console 

To start Soffid console, use service manager, or execute:

net start SoffidSyncServer

Stop the Soffid IAM console

To stop Soffid console, use service manager or execute:

net stop SoffidSyncServer


You can find the console logs at: c:\program files\soffid\iam-sync\logs