Standard reports library


Here you can download standard reports to add to Soffid.

Generate a list of identities

Download: Identities.jasper

Generate a list of accounts

Download: ReportSummaryAD_full_detail.jasper

Generate a summary of the existing accounts

Download: ReportSummaryAD_onlySummary.jasper

Track unmanaged accounts

Download: OrphanAccounts.jasper

Track the usage of business processes

Download: Workflows_metrics.jasper

Get a list of password policies

Download: PasswordPolicies_v2.jasper

Get a list of account types

Download: TypesAccounts.jasper

Catalog of applications and permissions

Download: BusinessRoles.jasper

Catalog of business units and users

Download: BusinessUnits.jasper

Overview of roles and grants

Download: Overview_Report_Per_Application.jasper


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