Install IAM Console



Soffid IAM solution requires the following requirements:

  • Linux or Windows
  • Java JDK 8 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • 10GB disk space
  • Supported database installed

Video tutorial



You can download Soffid 3 components from our website:

Depending on your platform, you can download the MSI, RPM or DEB version.



As soon as the file is in your computer, copy the file into a path of your server.


Open the installation file. It will create the operating system level service and will start it. After some seconds, the installation wizard will be up and running in port 8080.

Then, open the web browser pointing to http://localhost:8080

The wizard will ask for the following information:

The next step, allows you to enter the name and password for the initial Soffid user. You must enter:

  • Login name: by default it's admin, but you can use any other naming convention. To change it is good security practice.
  • First name: Your first name.
  • Last name: Your last name.
  • Password: Enter the initial password to use. Write it twice and don't forget it.

Configuring service startup

If you are using the RPM, DEB or MSI installers, the service is automatically configured to start up with the computer. If you are using the .tar.gz file, you must enable it manually. Execute these commands as root to start Soffid IAM console service on boot:

ln -fs /opt/soffid/iam-console-3/bin/ /etc/init.d/soffid-iamconsole
ln -fs /etc/init.d/soffid-iamconsole /etc/rc2.d/S98soffid-iamconsole
ln -fs /etc/init.d/soffid-iamconsole /etc/rc3.d/S98soffid-iamconsole
ln -fs /etc/init.d/soffid-iamconsole /etc/rc2.d/K10soffid-iamconsole
ln -fs /etc/init.d/soffid-iamconsole /etc/rc3.d/K10soffid-iamconsole


If something is not running as expected, please check the log at:

root@localhost:~# cd /opt/soffid/iam-console-3/logs
root@localhost:/opt/soffid/iam-console-3/logs# less soffid.YEAR-MONTH-DAY.log

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