Frequently Asked Questions about Soffid

General FAQ

1. What is Soffid?

Soffid is a converged Identity platform that brings Identity Access Management (IAM), Identity Governance Administration (IGA), Identity Risk & Compliance (IRC), and Privileged Account Management (PAM) in one comprehensive platform and from a single dashboard.

2. What makes up the Soffid convergent platform?

3. Why use Soffid?

Because you can get security and productivity in the same platform.

4. What are the main features of Soffid?



Product FAQ

1. How start with Soffid?

To start with Soffid you only need to go to the Soffid download manager and download the latest version of Soffid https://download.soffid.com/download/

To install Soffid you can take a look at our installation documentation https://bookstack.soffid.com/books/installation and choose the better installation option for your company.

2. Which environments are supported by Soffid?

You can install Soffid in Windows or Linux environments. You can also use Docker or Kubernetes.