Administrator access

For domain member hosts, ESSO will remove all existing local accounts except for those with a dependand service. So, in order to access with administrator privileges, user must use a domain account with local administrator privilege, or either an authorized Soffid user.

There are three different ways to grant this kind of authorization to a user using Soffid console:

  1. Grant a global authorization (host:support). In this case, user can admin any host.
  2. Using a network scope authorization. This kind of authorization can be  granted on network management screen. Administration authorization can be granted for any host belonging to a network or for a restricted group of them.
  3. Using a host scope authorization. This kind of authorization can be granted on host management screen for specified time period.

Through a workflow request.  User asks for administration approval using "Request to administer a workstation" workflow. Soffid administrator can deny or approve the request. After the specified time period, the permission will be revoked.
ESSO - Administrator Access.gif

In order to acces with administrator privileges user must log on with the soffid user code. It is not possible to do it with another account. Windows user code must match with Soffid user code.

Soffid user code is underlined in the following picture:

ESSO - Administrator Access - detail.gif

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